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Students from around the world write to to ask technical questions which we do not have the capability of answering. However, many of the professors in Food Science academic programs have offered to answer these questions. One professor has even offered assistance in evaluating high school level science projects! If you are in junior high, high school, or college, please feel free to e-mail any of the professors below to ask your questions about food science or their food science program. They would love to hear from you.

Also listed are a few sites where students can access research materials, and can communicate with other food science students, both undergraduate and graduate level.

General Food Science/Food Chemistry
Dr. Charlie Sims
University of Florida
Department of Food Science

Dr. Allen Foegeding
North Carolina State University
Department of Food Science

Food Microbiology/Safety/Protection
Dr. Lynne McLandsborough
University of Massachusetts
Department of Food Science

Dr. John Rupnow
University of Nebraska
Department of Food Science
Food Microbiology and Food Allergy

Dr. Stephanie Doores
Pennsylvania State University
Department of Food Science
Bakery Science/Grain Science/Cereal Chemistry

Dr. Jon Faubion
Kansas State University
Department of Grain Science
Bakery/Cereal Chemistry

Dairy Science
Dr. Stephanie Clark
Iowa State University
Department of Food Science

Food Engineering/Ag Engineering
Dr. Brian Farkus
Chair, Department of Food Science
Purdue University

Sensory Science
Dr. Charlie Sims
University of Florida
Department of Food Science

Dr. Neil Shay
Oregon State University
Department of Food Science

Poultry Processing
Dr. John Marcy
University of Arkansas
Department of Poultry Science


Helpful Links

Institute of Food Science Student Association      

International Food Information Service               
The International Food Information Service (IFIS) is a not-for-profit organization established in 1968 to serve the international food science, food technology and human nutrition community, by:

  • providing information products and services
  • commissioning research in information science
  • providing education in information science

Food Science and Technology Abstracts                      
FSTA – Food Science and Technology Abstracts® database is an extensive collection of abstracts prepared from the world’s food science, food technology and food-related human nutrition literature.

Specialist scientists extract the food-relevant information from the original literature to form concise, comprehensive summaries. This provides a quick and easy way for busy food professionals to keep up to date with new developments and research.

Journal of Food Science



OPUS Areas Of Expertise

Check out the some of the common types of positions that we handle. Please note that this list only represents a fraction of the positions we have filled and not the full scope of our services. Click anywhere on drop down text to read more.


Why Student Internships?

Student Internships are a great way to explore your future by learning about a possible career choice. Internships are also a great way to prove your worth to a potential future employer giving you a leg up on your graduating competitors in the job marketplace.

The benefits of a student internship often work both ways as they provide a valuable resource to employers if properly defined and executed. In order to create a win-win environment for both parties, Internships have to provide an environment where the employer can get the maximum effort from the student while the student can get the maximum learning experience that correlates closely with their learning and career objectives.

Obtaining a student internship can be a complicated and involved process. Our website posts internships free of charge to our clients. Should you have an internship you would like to post, please go to our Post Internships page and complete the form. We will post the position within one business day. If you are a student, please check our listings regularly, and apply directly to the name listed on the posting. OPUS is not involved in filling internships. We post them as a service to the industry.

Employers: Do You Have Student Internships Available?

If you have any internship positions available, we will be happy to post your listing here on our web site for a period of 90 days (Or more if requested. Please provide your contact information with the internship description so that the candidate(s) can contact you directly. A link to your website should also be included.

If you have any questions, please call me.

Moira McGrath
OPUS International, Inc.
(954) 428-3888

Executive Positions:







As CEO, candidate must ensure that the Company has proper operations, controls, administrative and reporting procedures in place to effectively grow the business while ensuring operating efficiency. The overriding Company strategy will be to complement new business development activities via: new product development, business, and customer group (market share) acquisitions and the creation of strategic business alliances. Accordingly, the organization will be looking for someone with a "big picture" view, with an operational background, but who is accustomed to “rolling up their sleeves” to capitalize on opportunities and effectively manage growth. The ideal candidate is entrepreneurial yet knows the critical importance of financial and operational disciplines and controls. Previous experience in food products manufacturing or distribution is necessary.









VP Of Engineering




The VP of Engineering provides the vision and direction for the future of an organizations engineering processes and technologies, ensuring the organization maintains / advances their competitive advantages in key categories.  Critical to the role is developing and managing the overall capital spend budget, overseeing cost reduction efforts to hit annual and long-term targets, ensuring manufacturing best practices such as CQV are in place, ensuring plants deliver on product, process, packaging and cost parameters as defined







VP of Research & Development/Chief Technical Officer



The VP of R&D/CTO leads a diverse, cross-functional R&D team of professionals across the following disciplines: Culinary, Product Development, Process Technology, Packaging Development and Nutrition and Regulatory Functions. This position normally reports directly to the CEO and likely partners with the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) as well as other executives. This position develops and implements strategies to deliver short and long-term innovation portfolio, as well as maintaining product preference for all categories. The R&D function usually supports entry into new markets by developing the product portfolio as well as the manufacturing process.



VP Of Manufacturing




This position will be responsible for all activities at all plants. The position will normally have direct reporting responsibility for both plant managers, engineering/continuous improvement. The position would also have direct responsibility for the contract manufacturing team. The candidate will normally work closely with the VP of Operations so expectations and go forward activities are fully aligned across the plants. The position will have full alignment with QA, procurement and R&D on all business activities as well as goals and objectives.







VP of Quality Assurance & Food Safety





The VP of QA and Food Safety oversees the Quality Assurance staff,  as well as the Food Safety & Regulatory staff, which is responsible for regulatory compliance, kosher, organic, halal, etc. certifications, and compliance with various customer quality programs.

The candidate will act as the subject matter expert on behalf of the organization for quality, food safety and regulatory compliance issues.










VP of Technical Services






The VP Technical Services is responsible for all activities related to Research, Product Development and Quality Assurance. The position provides leadership for Company-wide research and development programs and activities including laboratory product development, field technical service and problem-solving support while promoting quality achievement and performance improvement across the organization.

The VP Technical Services will establish and maintain Company quality concepts and strategies and assist in the development of annual research and development plans including specific goals and objectives that ensure quality management systems are in place. The VP will ensure products consistently meet customer expectations and will utilize technology to minimize costs and maximize manufacturing capacities.












Director Of Operations


This position will be responsible for the direction of an organization will include planning, organization, direction and provide leadership necessary for achieving plant and corporate goals in the area of Safety, Warehouse, Transportation, Quality, Employee Relations, Performance and Cost.




Non-Executive Positions:

Food Microbiologist


As the first line of defense pertaining to our food safety, Food Microbiologist primarily work to prevent food-borne diseases. The successful candidate will be experienced in studying spoilage, preservation and food poisoning.


Food Process Engineer



Typically, Food Process Engineers research and develop new and existing processes and products. Candidates for this position can work in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical and biochemical industries.



Food Safety Manager



The Food Safety Manager establishes and delivers food safety strategies. The right candidate will be able to lead multiple programs including Corporate Food Safety, Quality Systems as well as compliance of the Food Safety Modernization Act.

The successful candidate builds a talent pool that strengthens the food safety and quality assurance function. Thorough analysis, appropriate corrective action and follow-up the organizations best practices remain consistent.




Packaging Engineer



Packaging engineers must be able cover a wide range of considerations from conceptualization of food product packaging to product placement into the supply chain right through to store display. Successful packaging engineers must have a complete understanding of a broad set of disciplines including industrial design, packaging science, packaging technology, engineering, safety, material science, marketing and logistics to name a few.



Plant Manager




The Plant Manager will plan, organize, direct and provide leadership necessary of the achievement of all plant and the organizations goals in the area of safety, quality, employee relations, performance and cost.

A plant manager is responsible for the successful attainment of production objectives as well as implementation of policies. They also must have the ability to effectively utilize available resources and facilities.

The plant manager will plan, schedule and direct the operation of equipment and facilities to insure safe and cost-efficient operations. As part of the responsibilities, management of the annual budget is required as well as management of capital assets.




Quality Assurance Manager




A successful candidate for a quality assurance position must know that achievement of quality assurance is done by establishing good management systems and assessing its viability. Everyone involved in developing a product is ultimately responsible for its quality assurance.




Regulatory Affairs Manager





Food manufacturers require someone on staff that can act as a link between the company and regulatory authorities such as FDA and the USDA. Their task is to ensure that the products manufactured are in compliance with all legislation.

A successful candidate must be comfortable studying scientific and legal documents as well as understanding them and able to communicate the pertinent information to necessary staff.

The regulatory affairs manager must also be able to gather, organize and manage information into various formats.






Research & Development





What skills does a food scientist working in research and development need? A successful Director or Manager of Research and Development must have skills in food design, food formulation, food processing concepts and techniques.

It is also important that the successful candidate be well versed in safety concepts, sensory process as well as package design. Most importantly, those working in R&D will be overseeing production or process trials which includes the planning and organization of the trials.





Sensory Scientist





A sensory scientist is the individual in the research and development department who is the liaison between R&D and the consumer. Through testing, they determine what the consumer wants. Years ago, tests were done in malls, asking shoppers or others to taste and or smell a few different varieties of the same product, and getting their taste preferences. But in current day, sensory science has become a much more sophisticated science.  It has become a critical role R&D, as the information they can provide can start the product development process on the right path. A sensory scientist works as a partner with product development teams, providing cross functional support to teams by designing, executing, analyzing and reporting all kinds of tests; descriptive analysis, shelf life testing, discrimination testing and consumer research.






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