Contingency or Retained Search?

We operate either on a Contingency Search or Retained Search basis.

Contingency Search Services

Contingency searches require a different methodology from our Retained Search Services. The fact that contingency search is results driven and payment is dependent on performance allows any recruitment firm to enter into the fray and claim to be search specialists in the slim hope they will be able find a suitable candidate for a position while having little to risk for failure. The only ones to suffer from such practices are the employers. Even though no fees are paid, the cost of time wasted can be colossal.

At OPUS International, Inc., we specialize in the Food Science industry and in that industry only. Established in 1993, we have over twenty-five years of experience in the industry and have established a network of potential clients and industry contacts that allows us to provide the most expedient and accurately targeted search results.  Our longevity in this business is entirely due to our ability to present the best candidates in the shortest possible time. We are able to do this by taking a holistic approach and maintaining a thorough understanding and up-to-the-minute knowledge of the food science industry and all of the major players involved.

Over the years, we have developed a fine reputation based on our ethics and results. It is our demonstrated track record in contingency search that has led many clients to place their trust in us to provide them with retained search services, and we are honored and flattered to be in such a position. In either case, we guarantee that you will not be disappointed in our thoroughness and professionalism.

As with any search, we strive to complete a comprehensive assessment and understanding of the client’s needs, from technical aspects of the job function, to relocation concerns, to remuneration. The more thorough we can be at this stage, the easier it will be for us to identify, pre-qualify and approach potential candidates. For most positions, we like to provide at least three qualified candidates for consideration. But the process does not stop there. We remain available throughout the interview and evaluation process to provide assistance, expertise and consultation to both candidate and client and will assist in negotiations if and when required.

We firmly believe that contingency search means that our fee is contingent on providing the best available candidates for any given position in the shortest possible time. We offer our knowledge and assistance to the interviewing, negotiating and hiring process whenever required. Only then will we have earned our fee. Individually, and as a company, we pride ourselves on treating each contingency search with the same enthusiasm, professionalism, and completeness that has earned us the reputation we deserve within the industry. OPUS International, Inc. has a long history of providing exceptional candidates for a wide range of food science related positions with many of the industry’s leading companies. When it comes to contingency or retained searches in the food science industry, we are trusted, thorough, discrete, professional, and we deliver.


Retained Search Services

OPUS International. Inc. has earned a reputation as being one of, if not the most respected search firm in the food science industry. Based on our results and our strong belief in ethical business practices we are highly thought of and trusted across the industry.

As a result of this trust, many clients now enlist our services on a retainer basis as opposed to (or in addition to) our standard contingency search services. Retained search assignments are on a contract basis only. Under the contract, we first endeavor to gain a thorough understanding of the client’s organization and of their positional requirements before commencing our search.  From this we seek to create as comprehensive job outline as possible and a candidate criteria list from which to begin our search for that perfect square peg to fit the square hole in the client’s organization.

Retained searches often require us to identify and evaluate potential candidates who are not necessarily currently active in the job market. To identify and approach such requires a skill set we have spent years in developing and our professionalism at all times has contributed greatly to our longevity and success. Where possible, our goal is to provide a minimum of three potential and highly qualified prospects for any given position.  Our efforts greatly reduce the cost of our client’s management and human resources time investment and it is often easier for an independent third party recruiter, especially one with visibility such as ours, to make the initial discrete approach to a suitable and potential target employee.

Under our retained search policies we deem it necessary and ethical to provide a guarantee of finding the successful client and to offer our Off-Limits Policy.

Some of our recent placements include:

  • Vice President, Research and Development
  • Vice President, Quality Assurance
  • Vice President, Technology
  • Vice President, Engineering
  • Senior Director, New Technologies
  • Senior Director, R&D
  • Senior Director, Food Safety

Off-Limits Policy

From the date that a Retained Search Contract is signed by a client, we guarantee that we will not recruit senior executives (or other pre-defined positions or levels) for the duration of the contract or a period of 1 year from the time at which the contract goes into effect, whichever is the longer. We reserve the right to negate this policy in the event of cancellation of the contract before the search is completed, non-payment of fees and/or expenses due, or changes in the client organization’s ownership that affects the contact and our relationship with the client.  Also, under our Off-Limits Policy, any candidate placed into the client’s employ as the result of any contract with OPUS International, Inc., will not be targeted for future recruitment by OPUS International, Inc. while he or she remains in the client’s employ.  Additional terms and conditions to our Off-Limits Policy may be requested by the client. Should such clauses be required, OPUS International, Inc. can be counted on to provide complete secrecy and discretion.

Our Approach

Whatever your preferred search term, we are here to help you find the ideal candidate for your vacant position in the shortest time frame. We know the industry. We have the largest number of contacts in the industry. We have the best reputation in the industry. OPUS International, Inc. is the best place to begin your search.

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