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Strengthening The Bond

The Client - Recruiter Connection

Recently, a candidate asked a question that, surprisingly, had never before been asked of OPUS International:

"What is your success rate in placing candidates?"

Of course, we hastened to assure her that, as we represent (i.e., are paid by) client companies, we measure success in terms of corporate assignments filled -- and our record is excellent, thank you. But the question did lead to in-house contemplation about why some assignments succeed and others, unhappily, do not.

Our conclusion?

The success of a given professional search depends - in extremely large measure - on the strength of our bond with a client company.

In every instance in which we have excellent communication, combined with a well-written job description and an honest vision of a client's corporate structure, culture, and goals, we have recruited and placed "exactly the right people." Whether hired for technical or managerial positions, our candidates make a difference.

One key to communication, at the outset of any new OPUS-client relationship, is our visit to the company and an introduction to staff members in the department(s) involved.

Armed with positive impressions of a facility and the people already on board, we're then able to attract candidates whose personalities, as well as their credentials, will be the right "fit."

The client's responsibility

The client's first responsibility is to provide a detailed, written job description -- one that outlines the mandate of both the position and the department in which the candidate will work, the tasks to be performed, the scope of management responsibility, if any, the amount of travel required, and other details that make the job come alive. (Of course, if a position description changes in mid-search, we need to be apprised of that fact immediately.)

We also do a better job for our clients when we have a realistic picture of a company's plans and growth potential, as well as of growth opportunities for our candidates. For example, not every food scientist position will lead to people management, no matter how well an employee performs. Not every candidate wants people management. But all parties must know management expectations and potential from the outset, not two frustrated years down the line.

At OPUS International, we find nirvana when a client that "has no openings" hires a candidate we recommend because that person would be an asset there. Because we know our clients and are, in effect, their eyes and ears, we're in a unique position to contribute to a company's well-being, now and far into the future.

Whether you're a candidate or a client, we'd love to hear from you!

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