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Performance Evaluations

For everyone who has ever received or given an evaluation, just remember, it could have been worse. These are actual quotes taken from Federal Government employee performance evaluations…

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Perking Up An Offer

The most important ingredients of a “package” offered a candidate to attract him or her to a company are, first and foremost, the position itself and, then, salary and bonuses. But multitudes of other factors – benefits and “perks” – do come into play. In fact, faced with one or more “equal” offers, candidates may be swayed by perquisites that appeal to their self-esteem as much as to their pocketbooks.

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Résumés And Results

At OPUS International, we see many résumés every day. Some are outstanding and make an instantaneous great impression. Others, while submitted by highly qualified professionals, do not represent the candidate in the best possible way.

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Sense About $$$$ In Salary Negotiations

No company wants to under employ a person. They know that, the minute a better offer comes along, an unhappy person will be out the door. At the same time, however, most companies operate with highly structured salary ranges or “bands” for each employment level. Very, very few are willing to make an exception that would throw the department off budget or, worse, alienate other employees. Perhaps another part of the package, such as vacation time, could be negotiated in your favor without making you appear greedy. Go carefully here. When you became a candidate for the position, you were, in effect, agreeing to salary range associated with the job description.

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Strengthening The Bond

Recently, a candidate asked a question that, surprisingly, had never before been asked of OPUS International:”What is your success rate in placing candidates?”Of course, we hastened to assure her that, as we represent (i.e., are paid by) client companies, we measure success in terms of corporate assignments filled — and our record is excellent, thank you. But the question did lead to in-house contemplation about why some assignments succeed and others, unhappily, do not.

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Toning Up To Interview

“You’ve got the interview!” may not be quite as thrilling a message as “You’ve got the job!”, but it’s music to a candidate who has spent many grueling hours (days?) creating the perfect résumé.Difficult as the résumé writing may have been, however, once an interview is scheduled, a candidate’s real work begins. Now it’s time to get in shape mentally and physically for an event that could have momentous impact on one’s career and life.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Writing Your Résumé

Do I need a summary or objective or both? The general rule is to have either a summary or objective. Use an objective if you have limited experience in the field which you are pursuing. For example, if you have quality assurance experience, but you want to get into product development, use an objective to state this. Student resumes should use objectives as well. For all others, summaries are the best option.

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