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Quality Assurance Co-op at SABB



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 High School


 Not Specified 

Job Types:

Intern – QC/QA, Intern – R&D

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Boston MA





This position is responsible for assisting the Brewing and Quality Laboratory team in meeting the daily requirements of the quality lab as related to standard testing, time critical samples, and general lab sanitation (GMP). This position is from July-December 2023.

As instructed by the Assistant Quality Manager, there will be daily and weekly analytical and microbiological analysis to support the function of the Boston Brewery and R&D Team. Time management skills and ability to prioritize tasks are essential.

This position reports to the Assistant Quality Manager and has functional accountability to the Brewing Team

Core Responsibilities:
• Daily Control beer charting / alignment
• Cell counts and fermentation tracking

  • Pull daily samples
  • Chemical analysis on in-process beers and blended products, finished products, bottles and cans
    • Perform scheduled microbiological analysis / media preparation
    • Assist with data entry in QA databases
    • Maintain overall cleanliness and sanitation of lab
    • Shipping and receiving lab samples / packages
    • Review and understand to the BBCO Lab Manual (procedures and documentation)
  • Participate in monthly GMP audits
  • Term project (design and complete) per review of Assistant QA Manager

    Secondary Responsibilities:
    • Promotes high product quality achievement within a professional work environment
    • Special analysis request / projects per Brewing and Quality staff

  • Assist with stability analysis, competitor analysis, and abuse work/shelf life
  • Understanding of and compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices and overall brewery sanitation and safety
    • Opportunity to design experiments and revise / write procedures for the right candidate
    • Support events / functions of the Boston Brewery as requested / necessary
    • Follows up on commitments
    • Constant focus on raising the bar
    • Is self-motivated
    • Responsive and accessible
    • Starts and persists with a specific course of action while exhibiting high motivation and sense of urgency
    • Exhibits a “customer first” attitude
    • Willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done

    Problem Solving:
    • Identifies problems, evaluates several options and recommendations, and supports a solution
    • Stays focused on the real problem and does not become side tracked
    • Ability and willingness to come up with creative solutions for problems
    • Ability to see the larger picture and keeps this in mind when making decisions
    • Knows when to stop analyzing and debating an issue and make a decision
    • Uses logic, mathematics, or other problem solving tools in generating solutions
    • Ability to understand complex issues
    • Uses BBC resources and personnel effectively to achieve business goals

    • Develops accurate perception and understanding of others’ positions, feelings, needs, values, and opinions
    • Open to coaching and sees the value of different perspectives
    • Approaches conflict and adversity in a professional and productive manner
    • Uses reason when dealing with emotional topics, irate individuals and demanding customers
    • Is appropriate and professional at all times
    • Makes well thought out decisions
    • Dresses appropriately and portrays a professional appearance
    • Knows how others perceive him/her (is self-aware)
    • Awareness of and ability to get consensus among all necessary stakeholders when working on projects with others

    Motivating / Team Building:
    • Ability of get things done through BBC employees, customers, vendors by developing strong working relationships
    • Builds credibility and rapport with a variety of management styles and levels across the company
    • Able to put own interests aside for the good of the group
    • Instills commitment and enthusiasm for high levels of performance
    • Displays a “can-do” attitude
    • Supports others in their endeavors to achieve
    • Acts as a positive role model for others in their group

    Persuader / Communications:
    • Presents ideas in a clear and concise manner
    • Expresses him/herself in an honest, positive, and up-beat manner
    • Writes clearly and effectively, document activities and presents ideas
    • Adheres to voicemail and email response expectations
    • Comfortable speaking one’s mind and supports the philosophy of “discussing the un-discussables”
    • Listens well and is focused when others are speaking
    • Able to effectively influence others
    • Communicates “with” others, not “down” to them

    Position Specific Education & Experience:

    • Currently studying in following Undergraduate Majors: Chemistry, Biology, Food Science, Fermentation Science, Microbiology (other progress towards brewing experience a plus)

    Professional Experience
    • Student must be 21 years of age
    • Microbiology or other progress towards brewing experience a plus
    • Working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel is required

  • Wet lab experience
  • Ability to work in a flexible and changing schedule
    • Must be able to lift (32) pounds