Do You Need A Food Science Consultant?

Depending on your mission or project goals, hiring a full-time person for a short-term issue may not by feasible from a practical position or due to restrictions in time or budget. A full-time employee requires a commitment to salary and benefits for a long term not to mention possible relocation costs. The answer might be to retain the services of a relevantly qualified and experienced consultant for the duration of the project, especially if the project of limited duration that does not warrant a full-time hire or because of uncertainty during these times of pandemic.

Hiring a consultant may lead to a “perfect fit” for your organization and lead to a simple method to fill a full-time position. A consultant may also enhance your current workforce by educating and mentoring members of your staff, imparting knowledge that may be of great value long after the consultancy period has expired. Any way you look at it there can some distinct advantages to retaining consultants prior to or without the investment in a new hire in many instances.

Here at OPUS International, Inc. we have observed a rising trend in requests for consultants across a wide range of expertise. Fortunately, with our industry knowledge and experience combined with our huge list of industry and educational contacts we have found ourselves in an ideal position to identify many best fit consultants. Our reach is far greater than most human resource departments and many of the best choices do not show on the usual job boards and resources where normal job seekers can be found. What we do best is network and connect.

If you think that a consultant may be viable solution for your immediate needs, why not call us today to discuss your options and how to target the ideal fit for your project and organization?

If you have any questions, we would love to help. Please complete our contact form to ask your question or contact Moira McGrath on (954) 428-3888.

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