I have been in quality assurance for a few years, but I do not have HAACP training. Should I pursue this certification?

HACCP is a preventive management system used to address food safety throughout the supply chain. It stands for Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points, outlining the first two steps in its own name. Hazards are the kinds of contamination (biological, physical, or chemical) that could happen to food in production. Critical Control Points are the steps in your process where you can use controls to prevent or at least reduce hazards. HAACP was created by NASA and has been used in the food industry for many years.

HACCP is outlined by the FDA for all food production and manufacturing. There are additional guidelines for dairy, juice, seafood, and retail and food service that consider factors that are more likely in those facilities. HACCP applies to all steps in food production, including everything from raw material production to distribution.

HAACP has become critical in the food manufacturing. With the FSMA rules in place, it is even more important than ever. Getting your HACCP certification ensures you are knowledgeable about identifying and preventing hazards in your facility. This certification is required for those who create and implement Food Safety Plans but is also beneficial to other employees in supervisory roles. GFSI includes HACCP requirements for those who audit to the following schemes: BRC, Canada GAP, FSSC 22000, Global Acquaculture Alliance Seafood – BAP Seafood, Global G.A.P., Global Red Meat Standard, IFS, PrimusGFS Standard v 2.1, and SQF Safe Quality Food Code 8th Edition and 8.1.

Classes are available around the country, both from independent schools and at universities. All of the food manufacturers we have worked with over our 25+ year history have required our candidates to have HACCP training. If you want to pursue a career in quality assurance, we strongly recommend you complete this certification. It will be informative and will help you throughout your quality assurance career. 305


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