How Sweet It Is!

Oh, how easy job searching can be! All I have to do is go on line, post my résumé on or, and wait for the phone to ring. This is too good to be true!

You’re right, it is.

There are two ways of job searching on the net. One is posting your résumé on line for all to see. The problem is, if you are employed, your own employer also has access to this information.  There are countless stories of those who have lost their jobs due to ‘lack of loyalty’; fired after their résumés were found on line by their own companies. Your company most likely uses all the same websites you do. If you are employed, DON’T POST YOUR RÉSUMÉ ANYWHERE!!!

However, if you are unemployed, then this is a different matter. You have nothing to lose, right? Well, maybe. There are a lot of recruiters who search those résumés lists, and, without your knowledge, send your resume to their clients hoping to generate interest. This sounds like a good idea at first, but when another search firm contacts you about a job opening for that same company, the second search firm is out of luck because your resume has already been presented by a stranger to all of us.  You also don’t know how many recruiters have sent your résumé, nor do you know to whom. Your résumé could be circulating all over the industry, over and over again, and you don’t have a clue that this is happening. Now your resume has been overexposed, a kiss of death. Worse yet, you have no control over any of this.

When you are looking for a position, whether you are employed or unemployed, be discreet, and be careful. Your reputation is at stake. Don’t answer blind ads. Finding the right position takes time, patience and work, just like everything else in life that’s worth waiting for.

Whether you’re a candidate or a client, we’d love to hear from you!